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Mommies on the go!

Let's get straight into this must have item♡

Leggings are already so universal, so for me these leggings have become a weekly staple in my Concealed Carry journey.

Let's talk about the benefits.

As a mom of 2, I often have to make store runs and do drop off's or pickups. Concealed Carry Leggings have allowed me instant freedom to be a Safe Momma on the go. I mean, who doesn't want to wear something that's practical and functional.

While I had to find pairs that were comfortable for me, this was a small task with a great reward. I even found pairs on Amazon that for the price point, served me well. Of course I checked out reviews, material types and size limits for each pair prior to purchase.

Bathrooms breaks during errands have become easier and most times I come home and start cooking and moving around while still carrying.

I even use concealed leggings during that "Time of the month" for more comfort and support. This was a game changer for me to still on body carry but have some relief. Adding leggings to my conceal carry methods have allowed me limitless shirt options as well. Plus the leggings already suck your stomach in (love this aspect btw),so it helps your pistol not print so much while carrying .

Another good reason to have a pair of these in your arsenal is because it protects your skin from your gun for all of the sensitive skin Momma's out there. Paired with a kydex holster or trigger guard these specially designed leggings are a God send.

Also, don't forget about Concealed shorts. These are ideal for dresses or loose fitting jumpsuits. These shorts come in all lengths, colors and fit types. Remember, the fit is important depending on how tight your dress or jumpsuit may be.

I also have noticed with shorts to get my actual size for room to breath. I'm typically a large in pants so I get a large if their true to size. I never size down because I want a comfortable relaxed fit.

I would say get a pair of these as well even if you wear them around the house. these 2 simple yet effective concealed carry methods can help build your confidence while carrying. Definitely let me know if you try some out.

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