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No Tolerance Behavior Policy:

Pretty Shooters Firearms Training has the right to refuse service or remove people from class due to poor attitude, lack of courtesy to fellow students or any extreme safety violation. We also will remove anyone who seems to be having a mental health crisis such as depression, overly aggressiveness etc. If anyone comes visibly intoxicated, you will be asked to leave. Class fee will not be refunded if a student is removed for any of these reasons above. We feel strongly in having a safe, friendly and fun environment for everyone.


Canceled Courses:

If Pretty Shooters Firearms has to cancel or reschedule your class for any unforeseen emergency, you will receive a full credit towards a rescheduled course. Please be advised that all classes that do not reach our 5-student minimum are subject to being rescheduled for the next available date within 30 days. This is not a common action; however, it is possible. We may also have the opportunity to offer the training to you privately if possible.


Private Training Session:

Each participant is responsible to purchase their own firing lane & ammo. Targets, eye protection and ear protection can be provided for you. If you have your own firearm and would like to bring it, please adhere to the policy about brining your own firearm to class. Firearms can also be provided for you by request and based on skill level. For an additional fee your instructor can include everything into your personal training package. Please let us know if you want an all- inclusive personal training package upon booking this service.


Invoice/ Billing:

If we send an invoice to your email for payment, all invoices must be paid by the due date. NO EXCEPTIONS UNLESS OTHERWISE DISCUSSED AND NOTED ON INVOICE. If you fail to make your payment by the due date, you will be charged with a penalty of $5. A penalty charge will continue to occur every 5 days in the amount of $5 if invoice is not paid. Not to exceed 15 days. If payment has not been made within the 15 days, we have the right to seek legal action against you and ban you from future courses of all types.


Missed Classes & Reschedules:

If you sign up for a course and do not show up for class, the money you paid is non-refundable. All courses are non-refundable once purchased. You have 1 time to reschedule given you provide the proper notice. You must notify Pretty Shooters no later than 72 hours before the scheduled class date to be awarded a free reschedule and moved into the next available course.

If notification comes in less than 72 hours of class occurring, an additional fee of $25 will be due in order to be placed in the next available course date. If after a participant is given 1 free reschedule and still does not show or no attempts are made to cancel/move class again, it will then be the participants responsibility to pay an additional fee to be moved into a new course. This minimum additional fee will be half of the course you paid for and could go up to the full price of the original course purchased depending on the course type. 


Bringing your firearm to class:

Please DO NOT bring your firearms to class unless you received prior authorization from Lead Instructor Taniece Reed. We do offer some courses where bringing your firearm is allowed(Basic Pistol 2, One on One sessions, Gun Cleaning classes). 


When bringing your firearm to class if approved to do so, please have it in the proper case. Every firearm needs to be UNLOADED and will have to be checked upon entering class. All firearms will need to be inspected and cleared with a systems check before they can get used on the range. If your firearm does not pass inspection, IT CAN NOT BE USED AT THE RANGE.


Lost paperwork or certificate:

Once your course is successfully completed, you will be given the proper paperwork and certificate if applicable. It is the participants responsibility to keep up with any items given. We do not offer free replacements of any course document. If you need an item replaced and it has been within a year of your course date, a standard fee of $45 per document will apply to reissue a certificate or any State specific training document. If it has been more than a year since your course date, we can not replace those items at all and recommend a retake of your course. 


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