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Let's Talk Holsters and how to choose one!!

The choice of holster is a crucial step in your concealed carry journey and should align with your lifestyle. Research different holsters properly to find what suits you and your needs the best. Below we'll talk about a few things that can help make this decision easier and less daunting.

Body type

  • Choose a concealed carry position between 12 and 3 o’clock for optimal comfort and access.

  • Understand how changes to your body, such as bloating or weight gain/loss, can affect your carry position.

  • Adjust holster placement and clothing accordingly to accommodate those body change needs.

  • Prioritize functionality, especially during physical activities.

  • I live by the phrase "Is it a fupa or a pistol". Let your stomach work with you and not against you.

Clothing Choices

Holster Selection

Practice Regularly

Training & Education

Responsibility and Empowerment

Additional Tips & Considerations


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