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Pretty Shooters Firearms

-Babysitter Training Instructor
-BLS CPR/AED/ First Aid Instructor
-Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO)
-CPR for Professional Rescuers
-First Aid for Severe Trauma Instructor
-Glock Armorer

-Head, Neck, MBJI & Splinting Instructor
-Life-Threating Bleeding Tourniquet Application Instructor

-Maryland State Firearms Instructor
-Metropolitan Police (D.C.) Firearms Instructor
-NRA Basic Pistol Instructor


-NRA CCW Instructor
-NRA Rifle Instructor
-NRA Eddie Eagle Instructor
-Project Child Safe Supporter
-R.A.D Instructor
-Stop The Bleed Instructor

-USCCA CCW & Home Defense Instructor

-USCCA Emergency First Aid Fundamentals Instructor
-USCCA Partner
-USCCA Women's Handgun & Self Defense Instructor
-Utah Firearms Instructor
-Wilderness & Remote First Aid Instructor

Hi I'm Taniece Reed.


  I am the CEO and founder of Pretty Shooters Firearms Training, LLC. I am a licensed Firearms Instructor & Safety Coach with over 15 plus certifications ranging from the NRA, USCCA, American Red Cross & R.A.D. just to name a few.

My main goal is to empower women mentally and physically, as it is a critical part of our self preservation. Regardless of somebody's level of experience, I teach that self protection can be achieved through a combination of education, practice and mindful lifestyle choices. 

I started this training school to give all like-minded individuals a sense of pride and self-reassurance 

when learning about safety and shooting. Learning safety from the men in my family has always given me the extra confidence I needed to feel empowered and I love sharing my passion with others.

I help people explore the most important factors for considering their safety and I also provide valuable insights to help physically equip women and families to navigate through emergencies.


Here at Pretty Shooters Firearms, we maintain the goal of a judgment free zone all while educating and encouraging our student’s interest and participation. We offer a safe space for all to voice their concerns and needs. Having a class with my company will touch on more than just firearms. We will take a look into how we can improve your overall safety and thought process.

Whether you want to learn about armed self-defense, situational awareness or emergency preparedness ….We encourage you to stay ready, so you never have to get ready!

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