Everything is Changing, Except Your Need to Protect Yourself and The Ones You Love.
During uncertain times like this, your health isn't the only thing at risk. Your safety — even in your own home — can be threatened by increased crime and chaos. Now is the time to step up as your family’s first line of defense. Trust us to help you gear up and be truly prepared and protected with benefits only the USCCA can offer.
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When you become a USCCA Member, you’ll get everything you need to become a better protector:


Education to help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a gun owner, including a map detailing reciprocity and gun laws by state.

Self-defense training to help you recognize and respond to danger, with an emphasis on situational awareness, avoidance and defensive use of a firearm.
Legal protection benefits that can shield you from the burden of defense expense and civil damages if you’re ever forced to lawfully defend yourself … because you can be arrested, jailed and sued even if you did everything right
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An exclusive bonus that will help you improve your self-defense skills. Whether you’re a new gun owner or have a renewed interest in safety amid uncertainty, this free bonus could help save your life.
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We're Fighting More Than Just a Virus, and Together We Can Win.

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The mission of the USCCA is to educate and train 10,000,000 responsibly armed Americans, protect 1,000,000 USCCA Members, stop 20,000 crimes and save 1,000 lives by 2022.
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